About Us



Kommit & Company has extensive  experience helping businesses close sales and getting the most out of their opportunity.  Our experience has taught us that there is more to the process then crunching numbers, shuffling paper and coordinating with a buyer.  The various stages of selling your business can be confusing and trying.


We care about our clients and derive joy from the partnership we form.  Selling your business can be scary and stressful - even more so when you're a single owner.  Our clients reach us no matter the day or time, and while they benefit from our know-how, they also find peace of mind from our care and concern.


Business Evaluation and Optimization

Kommit & Company specializes in evaluating, optimizing and selling your business.  Setting your business on the right course is the first step to getting a favorable deal done. Many entrepreneurs skip this crucial step, and they lose value in their sale if they do.



There is more to your company's value than numbers alone.  We are adept at identifying these dynamics, and have the expertise to position them as valuation drivers.  Your best chance for amplified profits begins with a valuation that accurately reflects your hard work.